I spent decades developing computer systems, only to recently discover that our very nature, our personalities, our strengths, our weaknesses, our aspirations can be easily understood by Pythagorean Numerology. I now wonder if me, this, and what we call life is a computer programme!It is as if who we are is determined by which date we where born on. Intrigued by this, I looked into it further and developed tailored a report series, and related products that can analyze the birth dates of friends and family, this seems to help people understand themselves and the people in their lives.

The whole report series provides a fast track, tailored and convenient way to access your complete numerology. The series will help you:

• Gain more clarity and understanding; see why you are like you are, why others are the way they are!

• Increase your self awareness, by understanding your inherent, natural strengths and weaknesses

• See the two aspects of yourself and discover how to make better choices

• See the potential pitfalls in following the stereotypical path of life

• Uncover vital clues on how to live a more fulfilling life

• Discover how to spend your time wisely; fully embrace the different seasons of your life to progress

• Help get yourself back on track, on a different, better, more rewarding track

Get your Discovering The Inner Self Series, make your selection below:

  1. £4 Introduction
  2. £16 Complete numerology series
  3. £60 Complete numerology series and a personal consultation
  4. £5 Tailored birthday card

What's in each option:

1. Introduction report covering an overview of the series, plus a double sided summary of your numbers - 2 PDFs

2. The full six part numerology series, plus a double sided summary - 8 PDF's

3. The full six part numerology series, plus a double sided summary with a personal explanation, questions and answers up to 1 hour - as above

4.Tailored A5 birthday cards ready to print - 1 PDF